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Happy Friday!
Time for another awesome release at Sami Stamps!  It's a little early, but let's be honest...everyone is thinking about Christmas right now.  It can't be helped :)  But that's what makes this next release so awesome!  It's titled Noble Little King and is absolutely perfect!
I decided to try my hand at something new.  It was a super challenge but in the end, I think it turned out pretty adorable!  I used the Our Little King image and turned it into a pop up card!  Or pop card?  Not sure what you call this :)

I started by inking up my background.  I wasn't going for anything fancy, just something that could resemble a night sky.  Once I had it all inked, I splattered it with water, dried the whole thing and then went back over it all with a second layer of ink.  Then splattered it again with the water.  This gave a lot of varied looks to the splatters and gave great texture for the sky.  Then I worked on coloring my images.

I wanted to mimic the colors of the sky to give the whole card a nice flow, so I pulled out my colored pencils and gamsol.  I wanted to use markers but the colors I have were just off or too bright and didn't match very well.  The image is printed twice so that I could cut out sweet baby Jesus and pop Him onto His own layer.

Once everything was colored and cut out, it was time to assemble it all.  That was the toughest part and I'm not even sure I could explain how I did it in a way that you'd understand.  I folded up the sides of the background and laid each layer next to it in the alignment that I wanted.  Then marked where the folds needed to be, folded down flaps and added adhesive.  Getting the slots cut out correctly was the hardest part.  Normally you just attach the flaps on the inside, but I wanted to hide them on the outside, so I needed to cut openings to slide everything through.  Plus getting them lined up properly with each other and straight...lots of work.

But eventually, with the help of my T-ruler, I got everything cut straight and adhered down.  I just cut little panels of white cardstock to adhere on the outside of everything to help cover up the ink spots that bled through from the background and the flaps from each pop up panel.

Remember we have an Add Dots challenge running through September, so pull out your Sami Stamps and join in for your chance to win!!!

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great weekend! <3

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