Final Cards for the One Layer Cards Class :)

Hello Everyone!
Today is my final post for the Clean and Simple One Layer Cards class, so I will be sharing several cards with you in this one post.  These are mostly just the practice cards that I've made, at least the ones that turned out relatively okay for me to be comfortable enough showing them to you.  They are far from perfect, each one has it's own problems that I need to work on, but they were still fun to make.

This first card is for the day 1 lessons-Letterpress and Layered Dies
The letterpress didn't work out too well with a white background...but overall the card is really cute.  So I'll have to try it again with a darker background to see if it works better.

This second card is for the day 2 lesson-Stamp layering:
I used the only background stamp that I own for this card, which turned out a lot cooler that I thought.  It's been sitting in my stamp bin for years and I've never touched it till now, but it is a super cool background, so I think I'll be reaching for it a bit more now.  To add to the layered stamping, I used the backside of the sunflower stamps to make an shadow, then stamped the petal details in a slightly darker color.

This third card is also for day 2 but for scenic stamping:
Yes...this card has a lot of things wrong with start, it has a huge border around the outside that is really bugging me!  I did that because when I made the cityscape, I didn't put it all the way up against the edge, so figured I should continue the sky that way.  But it looks horrible.  The stars are overcrowded, and I should have masked off the sentiment somehow so that the stars would be above it as well, and it should be a different color so it would stand out a bit more...I love the shading of the sky least that turned out :)

My final card for today was probably the most fun to make (I made 3 :) )  It's for day 4-Creative Coloring:
I had hoped that the markers would sort of bleed out around the shapes a little more so that the flowers had soft faded edges, but that didn't really happen.  But it was super fun trying this out, and I can see using it a lot since it was so quick and easy to accomplish such a gorgeous card. 

Well, that's it!  You made it to the end :)
Thanks for stopping by to see my creations...the good and the bad :)  <3


  1. Oh wow, these are gorgeous one layer creations each with its own unique beauty.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. I love the last sentiment. I had a sign made for Scott's mom and dad that had that on it.