One Layer Cards Class - Day 3 Attempts..Finally :)

I really struggled with the lessons and techniques from day 3 of my class.  Not really sure seemed like every attempt that I made got messed up somehow and it was so frustrating!  But the techniques the amazing teachers showed us were too awesome for me to give up I kept trying..and trying...and trying...

While I'm still not completely happy with the results, here are a few of the ones I have liked.
This one started off great..and then I flipped it to start doing the stripes the other way and it all fell apart.  The stripes aren't evenly spaced, I didn't leave enough white stripes so everything ended up just blending together, and the stamping in the middle got all lopsided and didn't impress very well.  But I like the colors and I'm not totally unhappy with it...just needs a few tweaks.

I tried again with a different color combo and tried to consider the first card and the things I wanted to improve on.
The background of this one turned out much better, even with being all shades of pink.  But wouldn't you know it...after inking up and testing out my stamp, when I went to apply it to the card, it didn't impress properly again and part of one corner is missing....ugh!!..
But again, I'm not completely unhappy with it.  The card turned out really cute, and with just a little bit of bling in the corner, it's sort of a keeper.  But it bugs me when the last thing I add is the one that screws up the card.

Oh well...I'll keep working on this technique because it was super fun, though time consuming, and I do like the effect it adds to the background.

Thanks for stopping by!! <3


  1. Stunning designs. Never thought that one layer could look so creative and arty.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Nice cards -- I actually like the first one better because the colors are lighter and you can see the sentiment better. You did a great job on both!

  3. You've done a beautiful job with this technique! I haven't attempted this yet and I'm going to be so far behind! LOL!! I'm trying to catch up!! :)