Breakfast Biscuit Quiche

Hello!!!  I have another amazing recipe to share with you today!

While my hubby was browsing around facebook the other day, he saw a breakfast recipe that caught his eye.  Of course, breakfast on the weekend is always a challenge, but that is also the only time we really do anything fancy for breakfast.  So this recipe he found would work out perfect!

We ended up sort of making our own little recipe out of what we saw in the FB post since several of the ingredients we didn't have.  But that was the nice thing about it, just throw whatever you want into it and it's good to go!

So Matthew started making up the biscuit mix and I chopped veggies.  We threw our last package of veal sausage links from Costco onto the stove to cook.  Like I said, this recipe was really adaptable and accommodating to anything we wanted in it.
Once everything was chopped, mixed, cooked we sprayed some muffin tins with olive oil.  I think this recipe would work great with any size muffin tin.  We only have the large muffin size, so that is what we used.  Ok, we have the mini size as well...but those might be a little hard to use with these :)

We added a little bit of the biscuit mix to the bottom of each tin, then filled them with our mix of sausage, peppers, mushrooms and spinach.  Top each one with a little more biscuit mix and bake!
Mmmmm...doesn't that look delish!!  It was, let me tell you!  We also made up some country potatoes to go along with our little quiches as you can see in the pic.  You could even top these with a little cheese if you wanted!  But we didn't have any :)

So here's the deets:

This is just the recipe for what we made.  The wonderful thing about this dish is that you can adapt it to anything you want-pizza, cheeseburger, barbeque chicken...anything!  Just mix up the biscuit mix the same as instructed and then fill each cup with your desired ingredients!  Simple!

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!  Tell me what variation you used or if you came up with your own!
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  1. Oh my! This looks seriously delish. It's 2:41am and I'm starving!