Card Making Weekend!

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!
Since Saturday was National Card Making Day, I had intended on spending all weekend doing just that...but I wasn't feeling too good and ended up sleeping half the day on Saturday.  But I took advantage of what time I did have and made a few cards.  Both were pretty simple but I still had fun making them.  The first one is just a simple Love card.  I used all white card stock, some thin white ribbon and, on the first one, some white glitter paper.  I liked how this one turned out, but it almost felt like there was too much white.
So I did the same thing for the second card, but used silver glitter paper for the Love instead.  I like them both, I would choose either to make again!
The second card I made this weekend was a birthday card (since I am always in need of those).  It's still pretty simple, but super cute!
I will be absent most of this week as we have family coming into town to stay with us!  But I will be back next week, so check back then!
Much Love,

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